EHOF BandfotoWe try to keep an eye open for the events around us, whether human rights or animal rights are concerned. We are angry about the self-destructive way of thinking in the relationship between humans vs. our planet. This band was founded with the intention of spreading something more than just the traditional hc/punk cliché and possibly confronting the audience with the topics where the major society closes their eyes. We follow what Sea Shepherd do for many years and we are very pleased that we can spread some words about Sea Shepherd and their work now.

Empty Hall Of Fame

News / Kommentare

  • Das beste Weihnachtsgeschenk von allen – das Ende des Walfangs in der Antarktis
  • Costa Ricas Umweltminister erklärt Paul Watson zum Helden
  • Sea Shepherd befreit bedrohten Totoaba während Wilderer erneut Schüsse abfeuern
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